Season of mists and so on...

Season of mists and so on...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

and so it starts - with my mum's jam pan and a blog... or should I say without my mum's jam pan...

and I am going to plant an orchard. It's not too much of a leap of consciousness if you know how my brain works. I am planning an orchard at the back of our cottage (we have one apple tree and some rather overgrown blackcurrants at the moment). I have researched it - the varieties, the planting requirements, rootstock, care etc. I know that 400m up on an exposed site in the Peak District is not ideal, but it's what I have to work with for my orchard, with fruit trees and nuts and soft fruit and lavender (to keep the wasps busy).
Dear Mum

Whatever happened to your jam pans?

How many times did I stand bewitched, hopping from foot to foot with blackberry stains still on my fingers, as you stirred and watched dark boiling broths of fruit?

Why is it that small children are always so desperate to have a stir that they almost pop with anticipation? Then, happy that they have 'helped', they run off to play and proudly claim to siblings that they made the jam, tea, cake or other offerings. Mine are the same. I know now that you probably would have prefered to be left to concentrate, but thank goodness the intoxicating smell and promise of sweetness held me there, for otherwise how would I know what to do?

I remember the copper pan best, loved the colour and the sharp metallic smell. It used to sit by the fire place when not in use and glow.

I don't know where they went. Possibly in that skip. My sister didn't know either. So I have bought one! I couldn't stretch to copper and needed stainless steel for the rayburn so my choice was made for me and although it doesn't mean quite as much as yours would have I love it already. Is that strange? Probably. It has the feel of something ancient and ritualistic but it is bright and shiny with possibilities.

First stop apple and blackberry seedless, wish me luck

 and I've made apple and blackberry seedless jam - three dark claret coloured pots of promise in the cupboard. My first ever jam as a grown up. It is too sweet and set too solid, but I don't mind.

and I have started a blog, my first ever blog, to share my progress- planting, growing, making, problems, successes, recipies and my memories too. A  new fruit growers trip from memory to future.

It all starts here.


I have bought a jam pan...

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